Her Visual Thoughts

Hi, My name is Aliyah, just another twenty someone and a fashion graduate. I like things which are visually attractive and the ‘why’ behind every inspired thought.



adj. relating to seeing or sight.

“visual perception”

Hence, The Visual Edit, because just like every picture speaks for itself, every single thought renders inspiration. It is about the perspective behind a photographer’s capture, the brainwave of a graphic designer, a bloggers musing on modern fashion or a simple curiosity of a person which nudges their creative mind to explore more and make the most of their curiosity, leading them into the world of visual art and creativity.



noun. the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

“firms are keen to encourage creativity”

In this digital age, keeping a personal diary or having to wait outside your favorite store to get your hands on the new season collection is becoming outdated in an era where Instagram is a daily catwalk. Social media is steadily pushing us into a culture of immediate gratification with the innumerable selfies, concept-art blogs and #ootd posts.

Living in a world where the fashion industry is going through a seismic shift, I happen to believe that style and visual art are a powerful source of inspiration and aim to make the most of what it has to offer. So I’m starting from here.


2 thoughts on “Her Visual Thoughts

  1. same here…very nice post…indeed all human beings are visuals, and if all will be just appreciative on all forms of art I think we’ll relive in a very colorful world…Kudos to you!


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